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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Aki-chan. She’s adorable and highly intelligent–a desirable combination in any girl, wouldn’t you say? All right, so maybe she’s a bit on the hairy side, but that’s not really her fault, because … well, she’s not human.

And as you can see from the video we have for you below, while Aki-chan may not be a member of the Homo sapien species, she certainly has a delightful trick up her sleeve (even if she isn’t wearing anything with sleeves)!

Now, who would ever have thought we’d be seeing monkeys buying drinks from a machine?

Aki-chan, the star of the video, is a kind of monkey called the tufted capuchin, and a resident of the Tohoku Safari Park located in Fukushima Prefecture. And she obviously knows her way around vending machines, as she shows us her slick moves from inserting the coins to retrieving the drink from the slot at the bottom, with a bit of banging on the machine in the process, of course.

Even though tufted capuchins are known for their dexterity and ability to use tools, Japanese internet users have nonetheless been impressed and amused with Aki-chan’s performance. With just a little help, she knows how to open the bottle cap, and more importantly, she knows she’s supposed to return the proper change to the person who gave her the money (which in fact may be more than can be said about some human beings).

▼Got to put in those coins

monkey money

▼Aki-chan giving back the change

monkey change

▼Ahh… the juice tastes good!

monkey drink

Once again, we’re reminded that nothing beats a cute animal video when it comes to making us smile and relax. Well done, Aki-chan, and thanks for entertaining us!

Source: YouTube via Kotaro Blog
Top Image and Inset Photos: YouTube