According to Chinese media, a 68-year-old woman in the city of Bengbu made a somewhat gruesome discovery on Saturday last week when she opened a suitcase floating on a park lake to discover six human heads. Could there be any explanation for such a stomach-churning find besides murder and horrific gangland killings? As it turns out, quite possibly!

Upon first hearing the news it is easy to think the worst, but after police began to conduct an investigation, it became clear that there may be a slightly less sinister explanation for the human remains. On examining the contents of the suitcase, police commented that the possibility of any criminal involvement in the incident was extremely low, and suggested that the heads were likely discarded research samples from a nearby medical institute.

The heads were discovered by the pensioner who was on litter duty in the park at the time. Looking over the lake, she noticed the suitcase floating on its surface, with what looked to be human body parts visible through the small openings in the material.

The local medical institute also carried out their own investigation and concluded that the way the heads had been removed and from the shape of the trace-marks, it looked very much like they were something that had been used by a medical research team. The same medical institute commented that the heads had been excellently preserved and is currently considering whether they can be re-used in some other form of research.

There you have it folks, if you happen to stumble upon a human head in the street, there might well be a legitimate explanation. Although, seriously, what are the chances?!

Source: Record China