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Modern technology makes it easier than ever for people to work anywhere, not just in a traditional office setting. But every telecommuter or creative type knows the frustration of grabbing your laptop and any other necessary items, then carrying them to your local cafe, anxious to punch in and get some projects done, only to discover there’re no available seats.

Sure you might not need a whole office, but not even having a small desk to work on can really hurt your productivity. Here with a solution is ambitious and creative design house Bibi Lab, which is now selling a wheeled suitcase with an attached desk and chair that’s not only great for mobile professionals, but for artists, cosplayers, and all sorts of other people on the go.

Bibi Lab is the same company that brought us the Cotton Husband and Sandwiched Between Twintails Pillow. But while those products were comfortably comforting interior items, Bibi Lab’s new Nomad Suitcase is expressly designed for when you need to leave your home.

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Available in navy or yellow trim, the Nomad Suitcase at first looks like any other piece of rolling luggage. By locking the four wheels in place and folding out the plastic panel, though, it transforms into a compact yet usable desk.

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Of course, a desk isn’t going to do you much good without something to sit on. Bibi Lab is well aware of this, though, and attached to the edge of the suitcase is a pouch with a folding stool inside.

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▼ The top of the suitcase sits more or less level with the surface of the desk, giving you even more space to work with.

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All of these extra features don’t compromise the interior space or functionality, either. The Nomad Suitcase is divided into two sections, with respective capacities of 23 and 48 liters. Zippered compartments keep its contents from sliding around inside, and the combination lock is TSA compliant.

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▼ The Nomad Suitcase’s dimensions

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Bibi Lab doesn’t just recommend the 7.15-kilogram (15.73-pound) Nomad Suitcase for businesspeople, either. It’s also a handy piece of luggage for cosplayers who need to haul costumes and props around plus want their own makeup table.

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Picnickers and artists in the field will also find it useful, and if you’re setting up a stall at a flea market, the Nomad Suitcase is just about all you need.

▼ Hopefully there’s an eraser and a stick of chalk inside it, so that someone can fix this typo.

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Bibi Lab lists the Nomad Suitcase’s price at 36,000 yen (US$290). However, it’s currently available from Amazon Japan here at a deep discount of 22,581 yen, so it’s a good thing it comes with all those pockets in which you can stash your leftover cash.

Source: Be-s, Bibi Lab
Images: Bibi Lab (edited by RocketNews24)
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