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Last week, we took a look at an ad for West Japan Railways that was produced by animators affiliated with Studio Ghibli. If its images of a happy family enjoying the great outdoors had you ready to pack your bags, why not make said bags anime-style too, with these My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service suitcases?

Donguri Kyowakoku, the chain specializing in Ghibli-related merchandise, has announced the two new products just in time for the summer travel season. First up is the My Neighbor Totoro suitcase, which features the cuddly forest spirit himself traipsing through some woodland scenery.

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Included with the piece of luggage are a drawstring pouch and two cloth cases, which add even more Totoros to the package with the character appearing as the fabric’s pattern and on the attached patches and zipper tabs. And if you require even more Totoro travel companions, the included name tag is also Totoro-shaped.

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Also coming soon to Donguri Kyowakoku stores is this Kiki’s Delivery Service suitcase.

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Aside from Kiki astride her broom, the town of Kuriko’s clock tower, the blimp seen in the movie’s climax, and would-be pilot Tombo’s bicycle can all be on the suitcase’s exterior. The Kiki suitcase comes with the same array of pouches and tags as the Totoro one, except with black cat Jiji replacing the big gray guy.

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At 42 centimeters wide, 65 centimeters tall, and 29 centimeters thick (16.5, 25.6, and 11.4 inches, respectively), the suitcases are compact enough to easily roll around on their four wheels, but should have plenty of carrying capacity for an overnight getaway. And should you end up needing just a little more space, either because you bought some souvenirs while on your trip or received a packet of camphor tree seeds from Totoro himself, you’ll be happy to know the suitcases are slightly expandable.

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The Totoro and Kiki suitcases are identically priced at 15,000 yen (US$120) and go on sale at Donguri Kyowakoku in July.

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Source: Donguri Kyowakoku press release
Images: Donguri Kyowakoku press release (edited by RocketNews24)