This simple procedure can be done in the comfort of your own home, changing the world as we know it.

Early detection of cancer is paramount to successful treatment, and humankind is constantly racing to develop faster and cheaper detection kits.

The concept of using urine samples to detect tumors isn’t new, but current procedures are limited to identifying only those found in the bladder, kidney, ureter, or urethra. However, the research division of the Japanese multinational conglomerate company Hitachi, recently managed to expand it to include others as well.

There are thousands of different waste products in urine, but by comparing its composition between healthy and cancer patients, Hitachi discovered roughly 2,000 of them to be suspect through the course of three years. After further narrowing down the candidates, they’ve conclusively identified molecules indicative of tumors, called biomarkers. These biomarkers found in urine rise and fall according to the presence of tumors, which meant that detecting them could lead to early diagnosis.

▼ Which is particularly important, since you can determine whether or not you have cancer even before symptoms manifest.

The breakthrough discovery is already being trialled in Nagoya University Hospital, identifying pediatric cancer, colorectal cancer and bile duct cancer. Studies are well underway to include breast cancer too.

Hitachi hopes to develop test kits that will enable people to easily perform screening at the comfort of their own home, then send it to an institute for confirmation. Time is of the essence for analyses like these, so the research team is also working hard to ensure the results are not skewed by temperature or time.

What’s more, they’re creating a client-side smartphone app system that records the date, time and place of urine sampling for accurate logging.

▼ Because mixing up urine samples is the worst thing that can happen.

“Children are burdened by having to undergo anaesthesia for medical imaging (to detect tumors). Many children dislike blood tests too,” said Professor Hiro Uchida from Nagoya University Hospital’s pediatric surgery department, “So this urine analysis is a very effective solution.”

When asked about its benefits for adults, Professor Hiro replied, “Since tumors can be detected at an early stage and its progress closely monitored, medical fees will be greatly reduced. This will have great significance for society.”

According to Hitachi, the kits are expected to hit shelves as early as 2020, which is fantastic news as people can soon conduct painless, effortless cancer screening at the privacy of their home instead of suffering long waiting times at clinics. They’d also avoid a certain nasty Demon King screaming at them.

Source: NHK News Web via My Game News Flash
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