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In at least one way, the members of Attack on Titan’s Survey Corps have it good. Sure, they may have to spend every day in fear of the legions of man-eating giants that surround their city, but they also get to zip through the air in their cool wire-firing harness system known as the three dimensional maneuver gear.

Those of us who aren’t part of the Titan-fighting band of warriors have to make do with more mundane forms of transportation. If you’re looking to still feel a connection to Attack on Titan’s tan-jacketed group of heroes, though, this anime suitcase may be just the thing.

The double-sided design features four members of the series’ cast. Aside from main character Eren and fan favorite Levi, Titan-obsessed researcher Hange and Survey Corp commander Erwin will join you as travel companions.

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The opposite side is much more low-key, although fellow fans will instantly recognize the Survey Corps’ Wings of Freedom insignia, plus the telltale green hue of their campaign cloaks.

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While it comes with the above two illustrations, the suitcase itself isn’t technically illustrated. Instead, it has an outer polycarbonate sheath into which the above sheets are slipped. The logic behind this design could be that it allows purchasers to easily return the suitcase to a no-frills design for business trips, or maybe it’s just a way for the manufacturer to sell additional artwork down the road.

▼ Since Mikasa is currently nowhere to be seen, we’re guessing it’s the latter.

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Priced at 24,000 yen (US $238), this isn’t a cheap cosplay prop, but a legitimate piece of travel equipment. The grips are cushioned, and the extendable handle can be adjusted to three heights, so travelers shouldn’t have any problems regardless of whether they’re closer in stature to compact Levi or lanky Jean. The four-wheeled suitcase is 550 mm tall, 360 wide, and 230 deep (21.7, 14.2, and 9.1 inches), with a weight of 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds). Frequent flyers will also be happy to know that the suitcase is carry-on-sized.

▼ Be advised that you will still need to store any Titan-killing blades you’re traveling with as checked baggage, however.

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The set, which includes the suitcase and both illustrated sheets, is available only through preorders, which are being taken between now and September 15. Online, the bundle can be ordered from Animate or Movic (here and here, respectively), or also at Animate or ACOS retail outlets. Delivery is expected to be made around November 20.

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