Don’t let Takeru Kobayashi’s slight build fool you. That guy vacuums up food faster than a Hoover. In his most recent feat of voracity, the Japanese competitive eater gobbled down a whopping 67 hot dogs in 10 minutes. The next closest contender only managed 34!

On the 4th, Kobayashi took part in a speed eating contest in Manhattan, New York, battling against five brawny Americans to see who could cram the most wieners down their gullet before the bell. To the sound of crowds cheering his nickname Kobi, the 1.73-meter, 58-kilo eater used his trademark technique of dipping the buns in water and then eating several hotdogs mashed together to handily cinch the victory.

Although the competition couldn’t touch him, Kobayashi failed to beat his own personal best of 69 hotdogs. He blamed the blazing heat for his poorer-than-expected performance.

Source: My Game News Flash via Nikkan Sports