There have been reports in the Taiwan media this week of a naked man walking and occasionally jogging along the street on a busy afternoon. Passersby caught the event on their phone cameras at various points along his journey.

In a strange twist, however, thanks to the blurry resolution of these cameras the man looks exactly like a real-life titan from the manga/anime series Attack on Titan. The following video illustrates just how eerily close a comparison the man makes with a titan.

According to reports the man managed to travel a whole 6 km before being apprehended by police. They took him to the hospital after noticing bruises and swelling on his wrists.

At the hospital the man’s wife arrived and explained to police that he suffered from a mental illness and was taking medication for it at the time. With his medicine accounted for, what exactly triggered this naked jog is still unknown.

He may have been emulating the apparent rise in naked protests around China in recent months. Perhaps he had just found out what the titans really are and decided to express his disapproval to the world.

Source: Apple Daily (Chinese) via My Game News Flash (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – david70177