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Mister Donut adds hot dog doughnuts to its menu in Japan…but are they any good?

The Zakumocchi Dog Curry makes us rethink doughnuts, hot dogs, and Japanese curry.

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Tokyo’s Yabai sweet potato shop lives up to its name with a truly yabai creation

Yabai always means shocking, but is it in a good way or a bad one here?

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Which Japanese chain has the best hot dog: Mos Burger, Subway, Tully’s, or Mister Donut?

You might be surprised at our winning wiener.

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Cheese Hamburg Steak Sushi?!? Japanese convenience store chain throws tradition out the window

It’s not the only sushi getting a makeover at Family Mart.

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Sous chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant makes hot dogs classy in Tokyo

Baby Hotdog Cafe proves that simple dogs can sometimes be the best. 

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Move aside hot dogs, the Tempura Udon Dog is here, and it’s amazing

This Japanese fusion dog dares to go where most fear to tread. 

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Japanese ramen chain has some hidden treats on the menu

A new way to enjoy your gyoza and ramen.

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Senbero US$10 Japanese home drinking…with stuff from Ikea?【Japan’s Best Home Senbero】

Mr. Sato’s sausage party has a tragic surprise.

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World’s first Ikea veggie dog specialty store opens in Shibuya

The only place in the world where you can try 10 different Ikea veggie dogs. 

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Ikea hot dog lucky bag is one of the most unusual fukubukuro available in Japan this year

Ikea Japan gives locals a lesson on how to make a good hot dog for the New Year.

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Gyoza Hot Dog: Japan’s new must-try local street food

The Japanese city famous for eating takes its local food game to another level.

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Pot dog — Japanese woman arrested at airport after hiding drugs inside hot dog bun

College student’s European vacation comes to an unhappy ending in Hiroshima.

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Sushi hot dogs and burgers on the menu at Japanese sushi restaurant【Taste Test】

Fast food gets a raw fish makeover at this conveyor belt restaurant chain in Japan.

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Infiltrate your stomach with the new IKEA “ninja dog”

If you think your stomach can handle the element of surprise, you may want to try IKEA’s new ninja hotdog – and, yes, it is very black.

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Attack on Titan hot dogs! Because the best way to celebrate is with an extra-large sausage

The only thing better than the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan movie is all the related merchandise that’s slowly being pumped out ahead of its release.

The latest offering from the giants is coming to us from Aeon cinemas, who’ll be bringing us two gigantic hot dogs as part of the celebrations. Netizens, however, are pondering why they’ve chosen to use extra-long sausages to promote the film when a similar-looking appendage is so obviously missing from between the Titans’ legs.

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KFC’s Double Down evolves into a fried chicken-wrapped hot dog in the Philippines

KFC launched its Double Down menu item in 2010, and after it sunk in that the fast food chain was serious about making a bacon and cheese sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken substituting for the bread, reactions were split between horrified and hungry. All agreed though that the decadent offering was in no way to be mistaken for a healthy dining option, and many commentators declared it the sort of thing that could only have been birthed in response to the extra-gluttonous fast food culture of the U.S.

Except it turns out that Americans aren’t the only ones who occasionally like to go crazy and stuff themselves with as much KFC-cooked meat as their mouths and stomachs can hold. The Double Down was also a sales success in Korea, and this week, KFC launched an evolved version in the Philippines called the Double Down Dog.

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Sorry Bambi – Venison burgers and hot dogs coming to Japanese fast food chain

While it doesn’t have nearly as many outlets as McDonald’s, MOS Burger, or Lotteria, Japan’s Becker’s hamburger chain provides a more upscale dining experience. Sure, it’s still fast food, but Becker’s prides itself on high quality ingredients, such as its fresh-baked bread, and relaxing ambiance.

Still, without the huge advertising budget of its larger rivals, Becker’s often flies under the radar of burger fans. They’ve got our undivided attention right now, though, as the chain is about to start selling venison burgers.

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Man vs. Beast! Competitive eater Kobayashi takes on hamster in hot dog-eating contest 【Video】

I didn’t watch a lot of TV during college, and before you think I’m saying that to try and come off as some high-minded intellectual, I’ll quickly admit that I filled that spare time playing video games and watching anime DVDs. One program I do remember catching, though, was a Fox special in which humans went against animals in a series of contests.

In one event, Takeru Kobayashi, Japan’s champion competitive eater, was pitted against a bear to see who could eat more hot dogs. The bear won with ease, because, well, it’s a bear for God’s sake.

Now, though, Kobayashi’s back for a rematch with the animal kingdom, but this time with a smaller opponent: an adorable hamster.

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Kobe’s not just for beef, as this awesome street stall hot dog with ham and bacon taught us

Given that Japan has so few cultural stigmas about alcohol, it’s not surprising that once the drinking starts, it can easily go on into the wee hours of the morning. Of course, it’s only natural to start feeling hungry if it’s been several hours since dinner, and even if part of you knows that stuffing your face at 1 in the morning isn’t the healthiest decision, alcohol and willpower seem to occupy the same space in the human bloodstream, and the former usually makes room for itself by pushing the latter out.

Thus Japan the proud culinary tradition of the shime, the post-drinking meal before staggers home and falls asleep. Ramen is by far the most popular shime choice, but on a recent trip to Kobe we found something at least as good: a freshly grilled hot dog with ham and bacon.

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Burger King Japan hits back at the competition with enormous sausage

Hot on the heels of McDonald’s Japan’s announcement of its spring-themed Sakura Teriyaki Burger, Burger King Japan has just revealed a new product of its own, and it looks to be quite the mouthful. This, ladies and gentlemen of the cholesterol-loving world, is the King’s Dog (and yes, that’s “dog” without an “n”, boys at the back), which packs in roughly five times the meaty goodness of a regular Burger King hot dog.

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