Cue magical old man transformation sequence!

In the past, RocketNews24 has had a habit of giving makeovers to people in order to turn them into something a little crazier. Our intrepid Mr. Sato has been on the receiving end multiple times including a turn as woeful presidential hopeful Donald Trump and a host in a host club. This time, we’ve decided to flip the notion on its head as we take Sailor Suit Old Man and give him a chance to try out a new look.

▼ A typical outfit for Sailor Suit Old Man.


Hideaki Kobayashi, better known as Sailor Suit Old Man around Harajuku, has made a name for himself on the Internet with his signature beard and sailor uniform combo. He’s already appeared in numerous commercials and TV shows with this persona, so we decided to do something different this time around. We took him to AnZie collete, a familiar location to readers who have followed along with Mr. Sato’s makeover trips.

▼ Oh the fun we’ll have today!


Kobayashi arrived in a suit and tie, which gave us an idea about the direction this day was going to go, but it was still a little jarring to see. Trimming of the beard was off-limits, but makeup and other hair options were available. The beautician for the transformation admitted that it was the first time he was doing something like this, but he conducted himself like a pro and was able to highlight some of Kobayashi’s fine feature.




▼ Hair and makeup are finished!


After the makeup, the beard was straightened and mustache was trimmed, which left Kobayashi looking like…a well-respected elementary school principal, kind of like the ones you’d expect to see in a private boarding school. There wasn’t much time to admire the look at AnZie collete as we wanted to head over to Kabukicho in Shinjuku for the photoshoot.

▼ Our attempts to highlight the new look.



Maybe Kobayashi was a bit nervous from not being in his normal sailor suit, but you can’t see it behind his incredibly cool veneer. The look he is sporting is one of such dignity you could drop a conductor’s baton in his hand and you might mistake him for the head of a famous orchestra.

▼ A rose was substituted for a baton, but the result is fantastic either way.


▼ It seems like all of the world’s knowledge rests somewhere in this man’s mind.


▼ A typical and contagious smile.


▼ A commanding gaze that only wishes to guide you to become the best.


▼ A carefree shot of the embodiment of the free-spirited youth.


▼ A face of someone congratulating you on your graduation day.


▼ But no matter how you change the look of Sailor Suit Old Man…


▼ …you can’t change the man completely.


Everyone is free to express themselves in the way they dress, and we can definitely get behind Kobayashi continuing to make appearances as Sailor Suit Old man, however, if he ever wants to switch it up, he should know that the dapper look suits him very well.

Photos: ©RocketNews24
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