honda top

It may be just a bit of clever PR, but this video released by Japan’s Honda Motor Company earlier this week, simply titled “Hands”, is one of the coolest shorts we’ve seen in a long time.

Beginning with the line “Let’s see what curiosity can do,” the video treats us to a look at some of the company’s creations past, present and future, all in the form of sleight of hand tricks, topped off with a generous helping of computer-generated magic. Check out the full video after the jump.

▼We start with a single aluminium nut, which the pair of crafty hands quickly twists to create a tiny, sputtering engine.

honda nut

honda twists into an engine

▼Another quick twist and suddenly Honda’s iconic Super Cub motorcycle appears.

honda twists into a bike

▼A heartbeat later and the same Cub’s transformed into a sport bike.

honda motocross

▼Before long, we’re seeing the future of automobiles and Honda’s world-famous ASIMO robot both in his prototype and most recent stages of evolution.

honda asimo

But enough of our rambling; you really need to see the video in action to appreciate just how cool it is. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be the 500,000th person to write “So so so cool!” on Honda’s YouTube page.

Nice work, Honda. How get back to designing those hover cars, will ya?

Source: Kotaro269 (Japanese)
Video: YouTube Honda