Ichikawa City, in Chiba Prefecture, lies on the Edo River directly across from Tokyo and features its own zoo packed with adorable wildlife. Perhaps sensing how badly we all need some respite from the heat, the city posted the above picture to their Facebook wall, eliciting thousands of likes and an untold number of “Aaa!! Kawaiiiiiiiiiii!”s.

But just what lies beneath our dastardly pixelation? Swimming bunnies? Bathing cats? Scuba-diving puppies???



Perhaps because we can all so completely understand the “omg, I think I’m melting” looks on their whiskered faces, the picture has really struck a chord with Japanese Facebookers.

Here are some more “totes adorbs” photos from Ichikawa City’s Facebook.

▼”Uncomfortable. But too hot to move.”

▼”Hey, you up there, got any ice tea?”

▼”Heeeeeeeeeello, sexy!”

▼”Dun-dundundun! Sneak attack!” “Shut up, Bob.”


There’s also a video of their otterly adorable antics!

We’ll be right back just as soon as we stop squealing with delight.

Source: Facebook (Featured image, Ichikawa City Facebook), ITmedia, Asahi YouTube