Not a stamp collector yet? That’ll change in a few months!

Japan Post, Japan’s postal service and one of the country’s largest employers, knows that you love cats. And apparently they love cats too, because April will see the release of “Familiar Animal Series No. 2,” featuring 20 of the most adorable felines you’ll ever see!

stamps (1)

The cat stamps will be broken up into two versions, a 52-yen version and an 82-yen version (US$0.46 and $0.72, respectively). The stamps are sold by the sheet, so each sheet will cost 520 yen ($4.60) or 820 yen ($7.20) each.

stamps (2)

One million sheets of the 52-yen version and two million sheets of the 82-yen version will be printed, so we’re guessing these won’t turn into super expensive, ultra-rare collector’s items any time soon. But we’re still not going to waste any time buying some when they’re released nationwide on April 22.

Here are some close ups of some of the stamps. It’s hard to pick a favorite, so we’ll just have to buy a few sheets of each!





As you probably noticed, this is actually the second entry in the Familiar Animals Series — the first entry was released last October and featured plenty of adorable puppies. Sadly, it looks like they’re no longer available on Japan Post’s web store, so we’ll take that as a hint to buy early!

stamps (3)

stamps (4)

We just hope the staff at our local post office will be understanding if we start squealing when we get our new, “totes adorbs” stamps. We’re pretty sure they’ll forgive us, though. Japan is known for customer service, after all.

Sources: Japan Post via ITMedia
Images: Japan Post (cats and dogs)