You can see kabuki Kylo Ren for free if the Force, and some luck, are with you.

Star Wars is perhaps the greatest example of a multi-media entertainment franchise. Yes, it started as, and continues to be, a movie series, but we’ve also seen novels, TV series, video games, and entire theme park areas spun off from the Skywalker saga.

But there’s one medium Star Wars is yet to venture into: kabuki. That’s about to change, though, as Ichikawa Ebizo, one of Japan’s top kabuki actors, has made the shocking announcement that his next role will not be a samurai, courtesan, or any other stock kabuki character, but none other than fallen Padawan Kylo Ren, antagonist of the most recent Star Wars films.

However, this is both great and heart-breaking news for Star Wars fans. On one hand, Ebizo’s certified acting chops and kabuki’s affinity for expressing internal character turmoil should make for a compelling interpretation of the constantly conflicted Kylo Ren. On the other hand, Ebizo’s popularity means that tickets for his performances sell out in a flash, and the play, to be titled Star Wars Kabuki-Rennosuke and the Three Light Sabers, will be performed once, and only once.

But the Star Wars series, since the very beginning, has been all about hope, and so everyone has a chance to score tickets to the play, and without even spending a single yen. The producers are giving away a total of 50 tickets (split into 25 prizes of two tickets each), with winners to be chosen randomly from among anyone who follows the official Star Wars Japan Twitter account (found here) and retweets the below tweet, which is a dual promotion for the kabuki play and the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker film, between now and November 13.

Star Wars Kabuki-Rennosuke and the Three Light Sabers will be performed on the night of November 28, and while the exact venue has yet to be revealed, we do know that it will be somewhere within Tokyo’s 23 wards, making it easily accessible for anyone traveling or living in the city, and should allow you to logistically coordinate an evening at the theater with a meal of Kylo Ren Dark Side pasta at Tokyo’s Star Wars cafe.

Source, top image: Star Wars official website
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