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Because why wouldn’t you buy mini-workout equipment for your fingers? We saw the need, and so we tested out some of these weird capsule toys.

You can find quite the variety of toys in capsule machines these days, from Street Fighter 2 cellphone stands to cat toys. The newest addition to the capsule toy spread is workout equipment, but you may be thinking, “How in the world could they get workout equipment into a tiny capsule!?”

▼ Well, because the equipment is designed for your fingers of course!


Our Japanese-language reporter Mr. Sato happened upon these novel toys at the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line expressway Umihotaru Parking Area. In the rest area for drivers, Mr. Sato came across two capsule machines that caught his attention and got his fingers wiggling.

The first machine contained Yubi-Up (“Finger-Up”) toys. You know how sometimes workout equipment is advertised with a guy with a six-pack and a girl in a bikini and makes you think, “Yeah, I want to look like them!”? Yubi-Up tries to harness that feeling for its potential customers by displaying a very handsome…hand. Specifically it explains that the picture is of the otherwise-unknown 44-year-old Mr. Yoshi Ichikawa’s hand.

▼ Who is this Mr. Ichikawa and how does he have such a wonderful hand?!


The secret lies within the capsule. This machine offers a variety of toys, from a mini-grip strengthener to a “Finger Pusher.”

But every toy needs some healthy competition, so down the capsule machine line Mr. Sato also found Wonder Finger toys, which offer a variety of colors of their finger workout bench. This could be the ideal place to use your mini-grip strengthener.

▼ Get that power!


Mr. Sato’s desire to have fit hands like Mr. Ichikawa was too much, so he broke out the 200 yen (US$1.80) he needed for the Yubi-Up and the 300 yen for the Wonder Finger and wasted no time in starting his finger workouts.

▼ What wonders await within?!


Out of the capsules popped one Yubi-Up Finger Pusher, a little spring-loaded guy that you compress between your thumb and index finger (or other fingers) and an adorably cute pink workout bench from Wonder Finger.

▼ Ooo, aaah, what a workout!


▼ How fancy! This is how you shape-up your fingers.


How did they work? As high as Mr. Sato’s expectations were, the springs in these gadgets were a little too weak to give enough resistance for a good workout…OR Mr. Sato’s fingers are just too strong already!

The real question at the end of this escapade is “What kind of wacky thing will we find in capsule toy machines next time?!”

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