We all love our pets and each think ours is the most adorable. But this Twitter user’s hamster has the social media ranking to prove it!

On the scale of adorable animals that keep the Internet full of squeals of joy, hamsters have seemingly skyrocketed up the rankings. We’re not sure if they’re going to topple the reigning cats next year, but it’s undeniable that photos and videos of our beloved hammies are almost always major hits online.

And to prove that point, here’s a tweet that accumulated over 14,000 retweets and 18,000 likes in just two days!

▼ “The only hammie whose suction power never changes.”

Yes, this cute critter is doing its best vacuum cleaner impression and the Internet is loving it! And we can see why too — not only is that one adorable hamster, but who doesn’t love vacuum cleaners?

@296fukuro, the owner of this super-sucking hamster, apparently posted this video as part of the “My Best Fluffy Family Member Competition,” a rough translation of “#我が家のモフモフ自慢大会” — a Twitter hashtag full of adorable animal photos and videos.

Here are a few of the other competitors.

▼ Is this grumpy cat’s cousin in Japan?

▼ Kittens?! Surely this is cheating!

▼ Double the hammies, double the fun!

▼ Alright, who brought a bunny to a cute fight?!

▼ The zoos even got involved!

We have to admit, there are a ton of excellent contestants in this cute-off, but @296fukuro’s hammie seems to be the most retweeted and liked by far…at least at the moment. It’s hard to tell what will happen on the Internet! But as these other photos from the Twitter user show, this hamster is no slouch in the “totes adorbs” department.

https://twitter.com/296fukuro/status/675117265340243969 https://twitter.com/296fukuro/status/674945047507308544

And if you need more vacuum cleaner action to get through the weekend, Roomba Doge would be happy to help get your floors clean!

Sources: Twitter, Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@296fukuro