mt fuji top

Results of an analysis by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and others released on the July 16, suggests that force generated by a large-scale earthquake could cause internal cracks within Mt. Fuji, leading to a major eruption of the recently listed UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Fuji, Japan’s most prominent peak, last blew its top in 1707. The AIST research team believes the current state of the still active volcano is very similar to the condition it was in just prior to this last eruption. With more than 300 hundred years’ worth of magma continuing to accumulate, the team is calling for vigilance. Perhaps this is what psychic Ron Bard was hinting at in between asking people to follow him on Twitter?

Citing the existence of numerous subterranean channels where magna has flowed beneath Mt. Fuji, researchers say a violent eruption could occur if an earthquake allowed magma and gases trapped under the volcano to escape.

So, it you have plans to visit Mt. Fuji to see why it was recently listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site, going sooner would probably be better than later.

Source: 47 News
Image: Fujiyoshida City