Big news for Disneyland fans everywhere! Tokyo Disneyland’s popular attraction “Jungle Cruise” will be reopening in fall 2014! Our Disney-crazy reporter in Tokyo has the scoop. (Don’t blame us for the excessive use of exclamation marks!)


■ A Disneyland staple

Since its grand opening in 1983, the Jungle Cruise in the park’s Adventureland area has entertained many hundreds of thousands of visitors, and is a favorite at Disney parks across the globe. I can imagine the feeling right now: setting off in your boat on a jungle expedition, you encounter wild animals and pass through mysterious temples as your heart pounds in excitement! I love the thrill of adventure!!

What’s new?

This renovation will add extra oomph to the show with new lighting and special effects, and we can also look forward to brand new original music for the all the Jungle Cruise attractions in Disney parks across the world. There are also rumors of a surprise encounter with the ancient guardian of the animals in the legendary temple at the ride’s climax.

But wait, there’s even more! There’ll also be a brand new “Night Cruise” that you can experience after the sun goes down. It’s bound to be even more exotic and thrilling than in the daytime! I can’t wait!!!!!

■ Fun for the kids (and adults too)

I first went on the ride when I was in elementary school. Of course I was nervous excited about the jungle adventure… but more than that, I loved the funny talk of the captain, which made me feel like a brave explorer.

When I was older, I wondered to myself if there were Jungle Cruise captains out there without the wit and charm of the one who had enchanted me as a child. To find out, I decided to board the boat as many times as possible. I lined up, boarded, got off… and lined up again. I ended up going on the ride three times, and as luck would have it I had a different captain each time. The result: they all managed to make me laugh. Amazing!

Along with the other additions, can we also expect a power-up in the captains’ witty banter?! An extra helping of their enchanting chit-chat?! I’ll say it again – I can’t wait!!

The only downside to this renewal is that the current attraction will be closed from January 6 while the renovation takes place. Better get in line now while you still can!


I’m sure our reporter will be first in line when the new and improved attraction reopens next year. Just watch out for her elbows if you’re at the front with her!

Original Japanese: Yumeno Usagi
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