We recently reported on Japan’s recent trouble with traffic backups in otter pipes, but it seems the country is facing another animal menace: feathered anarchists interfering in the political process!

It’s election season in Japan, and although voting went off without any major problems yesterday, it wasn’t for lack of effort by a mysterious and subversive element that caused work to grind to a halt at one campaign office last week.

Ducks. Lots of them. Little fluffy ducklings that invaded a Japan Restoration Party office during the busiest period of the campaign and distracted workers with TEH CUTE!

This video was posted to YouTube by one of the office workers who was shocked to find the ringleader and her followers had taken up residence under his desk. He fearlessly documented how the pack of them waddled around the office as if they owned the place.

After a tense standoff at the entrance, during which shoes were occupied, the anatine anarchists eventually darted off into the street, disappearing into the crowds of the shopping district. It’s unclear where these billed menaces came from or where they fled to, but one thing is clear: no one is thinking about politics when they’ve got an adorable duckling in their shoe.

▼ “Hasta la Victoria Siempre, comrades!”

Picture 3

▼ “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity… Breadcrumbs!”

Picture 4

▼ The storming of the Oxfords.

Picture 6

▼ “The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property. Especially shoes.”

Picture 5

Source: YouTube, via Kedama Blog