Fancy a shark, a squid or a manta ray floating in your highball?

Now you can, without all the bother of hauling them out of the ocean. Cute miniature versions perfectly formed from ice that will swim on the surface of your beverage.

These are the result of “Silicone Animal Ice Trays”, available from Colorata in a variety of themes such as “Animals of the Artic and Antarctic”, “Creatures of Japanese coastal waters” and “Deep-sea creatures, sharks and friends”, as seen below. The trays can withstand a maximum temperature of 230°C and a minimum of 20°C, so you can also use them to make chocolate turtles and cupcake sunfish as needed.

▼Nautilus, a ” living fossil”, is a distant relative of octopi and squid, and has now evolved into a pint-sized frozen form.


▼”Animals of the Artic and Antarctic”, including sea otter, killer whale, walrus, polar bear, beluga, humpback whale, crab-eater seal and three different kinds of penguin!


▼His or Her Majesty, King Penguin


Each animal comes with a description handily written in Japanese. For example, sea otters, a member of the weasel family, spend most of their lives at sea. They are well-adapted to an ocean-going lifestyle thanks to their large webbed tootsies, and can dive down to a depth of 90 metres in search of yummy sea urchins.


▼Probably the closest you will get to a polar bear without a severe mauling.


▼Everyone’s favourite group of aquatic flightless birds. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, at least you can grab these ice blocks, watch some Pingu, and dream about penguins…


▼Cast in a more dangerous mould, the set of sharks.


▼Most impressed by the detail on this rare coelacanth. Maybe someone can clarify whether this is a chalumnae or a menadoensis?


▼Predators tend to be the most graceful and powerful.


▼One of the most valued fish for sushi, Pacific bluefin tuna. In 2012, one of these babies sold at Tsukiji for a record $1.76 million. Japan happens to be a world leader in tuna farming research.


▼Featuring the ocean sunfish (Mola mola!), which often sunbathes at the top of the water in between snacking on jellyfish.


▼This angler fish is uncharacteristically floating on the surface of the water. No doubt exhausted after a bout of polyandry…



Well, I was planning a visit to Tokyo Disney Sea, but maybe I’ll stay home and have a drink with all my little sea buddies instead!

Source: Gigazine
Photos: Colorata