We try Japanese Twitter’s newest trend the Penguin Egg, end up hatching something very disturbing

Twitter users described their hatchlings as gross and enough to make any child cry.

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Precious penguin picks a perfect playmate 【Pics】

Birds of a feather flock together, unless, that is you happen to be a penguin and are in love with your aquatic keeper at the Kyoto Aquarium.

We all grow attached to the animals that we have to take care of, but it’s always the best when that animal returns the affection. The Kyoto Aquarium Twitter feed has been posting pictures of one little penguin showing lots of love to his handler, and they couldn’t make a cuter couple!

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Meet Sakura-chan, the sprinting penguin in love with a human【Video】

Penguins are, without a doubt, one of the cutest animals in the world. This is not a statement that many people would even think to argue with–it’s as close to an obvious truth as you can get without breaking out the math! But we may have found a way to up the cuteness quotient for penguins from just “exceptionally cute” to “brain-asplodey cute.”

How? Simple: Set them jogging after their (human) crush!

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From polar bears and penguins to coelacanths, Japan’s magical ice trays create sea creatures

Fancy a shark, a squid or a manta ray floating in your highball?

Now you can, without all the bother of hauling them out of the ocean. Cute miniature versions perfectly formed from ice that will swim on the surface of your beverage.

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The adorable Suica penguin bread —  Too cute to eat but too good not to

If you’ve ever used public transport in Japan, you may have seen the Suica card, the smart card you can use to pay the fare on Japanese transport systems, named after the onomatopoeic phrase “sui-sui“, meaning to swim or glide smoothly. You may even have noticed that they come adorned with an adorable mascot penguin character, known simply as the “Suica Penguin“. But did you know that the Suica Penguin has now been transformed into a form of delicious confection?

Apparently, the Suica Penguin is irresistibly cute in edible form as well, and the penguin bread is selling like crazy! Naturally, we had to get our hands on a couple and see for ourselves what made it so special.

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