polar bear

Behold the cycle of life with new Japanese plushie sets depicting the food chain and more

Pair the talk of the birds and the bees with pregnant dolphin and manta ray plushies.

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“Animals as Art” releases incredibly realistic, life-size polar bear figures 【Video】


Trick your friends into thinking that you own an actual polar bear, all while supporting WWF.

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“Beautiful foreigner walking a polar bear” spotted at Shibuya’s famous crossing

Twitter was set ablaze last night after dozens of people shared photos of “a beautiful foreigner walking a polar bear” between throngs of pedestrians at the world-famous Shibuya Scramble crossing in Tokyo.

Join us after the jump to see a video captured by an onlooker and learn more about the group to which this mysterious bear-keeping stranger apparently belongs.

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From polar bears and penguins to coelacanths, Japan’s magical ice trays create sea creatures

Fancy a shark, a squid or a manta ray floating in your highball?

Now you can, without all the bother of hauling them out of the ocean. Cute miniature versions perfectly formed from ice that will swim on the surface of your beverage.

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