Ever heard a phrase on TV or in a comic that shocked you right to the core? Maybe a particular line that struck a cord with you and forever afterward you found yourself repeating it? If you’re an avid anime fan, then you might have an answer to that question.

Recently, a survey was conducted among Japanese fans online regarding whether manga character lines left lasting impressions on their viewers. Out of over 700 inquiries, about 31 percent answered that yes, they’d been moved by particular phrases from manga. Here are some of the most heart-wrenching, go-getter phrases picked by fans.

Let’s see if you agree:

From the basketball-centric series, Slam Dunk:

“The moment you give up is the moment the game is over for you.”
– Professor Anzai

“Whenever my confidence is crushed, I just remember this phrase and I find the strength to try again,” says a user from Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Over 50 people chose this one phrase out of any line in any series out there. It certainly rings true in or out of a basketball court.

From the dark medical drama Black Jack:

“Impressive that he could kill five men. It takes all I’ve got to save one.”
– Black Jack

“It’s Black Jack’s signature phrase. There are many other manga with memorable phrases, but I like how this really shows the main character’s personality,” quoth a female fan from Aichi. It’s the perfect line to portray the character of the series, too.

From the classic title, Fist of the North Star:

“You’re already dead.”
– Kenshirou

An oldie, but a goodie. It’s tough to find people who haven’t heard the main character’s signature quote. “It’s the perfect phrase for a new age legend,” according to a fan from Tochigi Prefecture.

From the twisted sci-fi series Project Arms:

「神に祈るな! 心くじける! 過去を思うな! 敵は前にあり!」
“Don’t pray to the gods, your heart will be crushed! Don’t think of the past, for the enemy is right in front of you!”
– Johann Horst

Though it sounds a bit daunting at first, all you have to do is think beyond the connotation of eminent destruction. “When I couldn’t find my own source of determination, it helped me get the lead out,” was the cry from Hyougo Prefecture. You can’t deny that it’s an inspirational phrase.

From the slapstick satire Afro Tanaka:

“In the end, I’m just a poop manufacturing machine.”
– Tanaka

A sad but true tale for many of us. Though humans may accomplish much in life, they will always without fail produce the same thing as everyone else. “I was shocked when I realized that I was the same,” came a voice from Tochigi.

From the boxing series, Hajime no Ippo, also known as Fighting Spirit:

“Even if you try your hardest, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be rewarded for it. But, anyone who has ever made it big tried their hardest.”
– Kamogawa Kenji

Another down-to-earth and yet inspiring line. “It’s a phrase that I can agree with whole-heartedly,” says a fan from Saitama. Though things don’t always work out, if you don’t try, nothing ever will.

What quotes from anime have stayed with you after hearing them? Let us know and share your favorites in the comments section below.

Source: Jin115