Slam Dunk

An anime pilgrimage even non-anime fans will love: Visiting the Slam Dunk movie shrine【Photos】

The real-life version of the newest Slam Dunk movie’s shrine is worth working up a sweat to see.

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Avatar sequel no match for anime basketball boys in Japan as Way of Water debuts behind Slam Dunk

Avatar: The Way of Water didn’t stand a chance against this fan fave.

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New Slam Dunk anime movie shows off CGI trailer, Japan react differently than overseas fans【Vid】

Some fans are slamming Slam Dunk’s new look.

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Legendary basketball anime Slam Dunk is getting a brand-new movie

First-ever theatrical release for one of the most popular and influential sports anime of all time.

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Top 100 manga of all time chosen by survey of 150,000 Japanese people

Which of the thousands of titles came out on top?

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Taiwanese sports channel airs anime Slam Dunk in place of cancelled NBA games

We interrupt this NBA shutdown to bring you a very important anime.

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Japanese netizens list their top 10 choices for ’90s anime remakes — What’s your pick?

Now that we’re two decades on from the ’90s, what shows would you like to see receive a modern day make-over?

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Japanese sake with a basketball anime connection is flying off the shelves in China

Chinese consumers have been buying up a certain brand of sake in staggering numbers due to an unexpected link with hit basketball anime Slam Dunk.

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Researcher claims North Korea’s Kim Jong-un loved manga, got bad grades as a teen

Plus, his familial connection to Sailor Moon fandom.

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Slam Dunk fans rejoice after spotting a real-life Anzai-sensei on American TV

Anzai-sensei, the jovial coach of Shotoku High School’s basketball team, was recently spotted on American television!

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Japanese businessmen list the top 10 manga characters they wish were actually their bosses

One of the great things about fiction, regardless of the genre or medium, is the way it lets us envision the way we want the world to be. Fiction can have a profound effect on us and even serve as an ideal to strive for. Which, now that we think about it, is kind of like what a good boss should be — a role model for their workers!

So, taking this thinking to its natural conclusion, we have to wonder: What fictional characters would make the best bosses? Jack Sparrow might be fun to watch, but we would hate to be in his crew! A recent online poll asked a group of Japanese businessmen in their thirties which manga character would be their favorite pick for their boss. A good question, indeed. Find out how they responded below!

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Chinese sand artist tickles the heartstrings of manga fans with stunning sand manga drawings 【Videos】

Many of us can’t even draw a decent manga portrait on paper, but there are talented individuals who manage to replicate character illustrations on food, and some using just their bare hands and sand.

Chinese sand artist Zhao Ying Li creates portraits of manga characters from titles such as Slam Dunk and Detective Conan that are so detailed it’s hard to believe they were drawn with sand. See the creation process after the break!

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The 9 types of basketball players in Slam Dunk – which type are you?

Playing sports brings out a different side of us. This is especially so in sports that require cooperation within a team in order to go up against an opposing rival. It’s easy to put on a front at normal times when you’re composed and in your comfort zone, but it’s a battlefield out on the courts. That’s probably why some people say that you can tell a person’s personality by the way he/she plays on a team.

Here’s a personality analysis derived from the play styles of the characters from a certain popular basketball manga and anime series. Which type of athlete are you? Read on to find out!

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Four manga that are hits in Japan but relative flops in America

Manga has made its impact all over the globe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all that reads from right to left is gold. While your Dragon Balls, Narutos, and Attacks on Titan have all gone on to fame worldwide, it doesn’t mean every one of Japan’s hand-drawn treasures share the same love abroad.

Japan’s Da Vinchi News recently interviewed a publisher in New York whom they call “Mr. C” about four particular smash hit manga series in Japan that could hardly make a dent in the American market. What was it about these titles that made them perform completely differently in these two parts of the world?

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Ever heard a phrase on TV or in a comic that shocked you right to the core? Maybe a particular line that struck a cord with you and forever afterward you found yourself repeating it? If you’re an avid anime fan, then you might have an answer to that question.

Recently, a survey was conducted among Japanese fans online regarding whether manga character lines left lasting impressions on their viewers. Out of over 700 inquiries, about 31 percent answered that yes, they’d been moved by particular phrases from manga. Here are some of the most heart-wrenching, go-getter phrases picked by fans.

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