Fist of the North Star

Ultra-violent post-apocalyptic anime Fist of the North Star is becoming a stage musical in Tokyo

We are shock!

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A life-sized bust of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star from Osaka is tax deductible!

You’re already a tax write-off.

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Official Fist of the North Star whisky goes on sale in Japan

You are already drunk.

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The top 10 (plus one) Shonen Jump manga protagonists, as decided by Japanese netizens

Believe it or not, Naruto didn’t make the top cut.

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How would Love Live! look as an early-‘80s post-apocalyptic anime? Awesome, video reboot shows

Fist of the school idol festival?

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Cosplay tragedy strikes Mr. Sato with the official Fist of the North Star Raoh cosplay set【Pics】

Wearing this won’t make you already dead, but you might be so embarrassed you’ll wish your head would explode.

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The Shinkansen now goes all the way to Hokkaido, and here’s its newest, northernmost station

Come for the bullet trains, stay for the delicious seafood and anime statue.

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Japanese Netizens think that European Central Bank protester looks like an anime character

Although the protester that managed to infiltrate the European Central Bank’s monthly press conference recently got plenty of media attention with her clever deployment of a so-called “Glitter Bomb” – that is, she scattered the notoriously-difficult-to-remove, fabulous substance everywhere – her protest method of choice came a few months too late.

Everyone knows, of course, that the disruptive substance du jour now is the dial-a-bag of dongs. Glitter is just so yesterday. But, our intrepid protester is still getting her due time in the spotlight in Japan because of her resemblance to a certain anime character.

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Unforgettable lines from popular manga

Ever heard a phrase on TV or in a comic that shocked you right to the core? Maybe a particular line that struck a cord with you and forever afterward you found yourself repeating it? If you’re an avid anime fan, then you might have an answer to that question.

Recently, a survey was conducted among Japanese fans online regarding whether manga character lines left lasting impressions on their viewers. Out of over 700 inquiries, about 31 percent answered that yes, they’d been moved by particular phrases from manga. Here are some of the most heart-wrenching, go-getter phrases picked by fans.

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