OK, ladies: imagine you’re taking a moonlit walk with the object of your affections. Or maybe you’re dining at a fancy restaurant with your dream date, or cuddling together on a blanket in a field with no one else in sight. All of a sudden, your crush leans in close, looks deeply into your eyes, and whispers, “You’re mine.” What do you do?

If you’re the type who would immediately blush and feel your heart beating at a quickened pace, you’ll probably enjoy the following list of 30 things women want to be told. The list has recently been circulating around Japanese social media sites recently, leaving sparkly, flower petal-filled puddles of shojo manga sappiness oozing in its wake. If, however, you’re of a slightly more cynical disposition, you should also enjoy the compilation, but instead for its value to induce a good chortle.

Don’t worry, because whichever type you are, we promise not to judge!

We have no idea whether it was a man, woman, or chimpanzee who compiled the following list of ‘romantic’ lines that all women, apparently, secretly yearn to hear. Some are sweet, some are corny, and some in our opinion are downright creepy, but all of them are spectacular candidates for “the most cheesy teenage girl fantasy lines.” In any case, we’ve included some pictures of famous manga/anime bishounen [pretty boys] to enhance your reading experience! Enjoy.

1. “You’re mine” (お前は俺のだから)

2. “Aw jeez, I’m really into you” (あーもう、すっげー好き)

3. “Be with me forever–you have no right to refuse” (ずっと一緒にいろ、お前に拒否権ねーから)

4. “Tell me if it’s painful” (辛かったら言え)

5. “Actually, tell me before it gets painful” (いや、辛くなる前に言え)

Yuyu Hakusho‘s Kurama, the quintessential bishounen


6. “I’ll be right next to you” (傍にいてやるから)

7. “I want your everything” (お前の全部欲しいんだよ)

8. “Tell me ‘whatever happens it’s OK'” (俺には何されてもいいって言えよ)

9. “Don’t look at any man but me” (俺以外の男見んな)

10. “When you’re with another guy I get completely jealous” (お前と他の奴が一緒にいるの すっげー妬くんだよ)

▼Or perhaps you’d prefer to hear the lines from Tuxedo Mask? You’ll have to fight Sailor Moon for his affections, though.


11. “You don’t have to pretend to be strong in front of me” (俺の前では強がんなくていんだよ)

12. “Don’t try so hard, I’m here for you” (頑張りすぎんな、俺がいるんだから)

13. “Just come here already and close your eyes” (いいからこっち来て目つぶれよ)

14. “Say that you want me” (言えよ、俺が欲しいって)

15. “It’s no use, I won’t let you go” (ダメ、離さねえ)

▼Some of the ikemen [hot guys] from Hana Kimi


16. “How about choosing me?” (俺にしとけば?)

17. “Hug me now” (今すぐ抱き締めてぇ)

18. “Come and see me now” (だから会いにこい)

19. “Depend on me” (俺には甘えろよ)

20. “[While being suddenly embraced] I love you” ([急に抱き締められて]好きだ…)

▼”Prince Yuki” (Fruits Basket) has his own personal fan club


21. “Don’t be looking at other guys” (他の奴ばっか見てんな)

22. “Am I wrong to think that you’re mine?” (お前は俺のだろーが)

23. “I’ll take all your firsts” (お前の初めて、全部俺がもらうから)

24. “Argh, I really want to kiss you” (うわ、すっげーキスしてぇ)

25. “Look only at me” (お前は俺だけ見とけ)

▼Even the legendary Studio Ghibli boasts pretty boys, like Howl.


26. “I’ll make you happier than anyone else” (誰よりも幸せにしてやっから)

27. “I really like you…notice it already, stupid” (好きなんだよ…気づけバカ)

28. “Stoopid, I won’t let you go” (バーカ、もう離さねえ)

29. “This one is (you’re) mine” (こいつ、俺のだから)

30. “I won’t let you have your way any more than this” (これ以上好きにさせんな)

How are you feeling, Rocketeers? Have you slipped into a romantic daydream yet, or are you running behind the bushes to retch?

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Source: Livedoor Blog (VIPPER na ore)
Images: YouTube (Anime Channel), Gakkyu NishiTumbler (Nozoditz), Seesaa Blog (Pop Step Kick), YouTube (Madman)