The beautiful animated visuals and rap soundtrack make it easy to learn Japanese and discover the history of instant noodles at the same time.

Instant noodles, invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, are considered by many in Japan to be the greatest Japanese innovation of the twentieth century. While it’s easy to take the humble product for granted, it has an origin story so unique it’s been the subject of numerous news articles, research papers and television programs. There are even two museums in Japan dedicated to the easy-to-make snack. Now Nissin, the company founded by Ando, is celebrating the famed inventor by condensing the background story behind his creation into a beautiful 1.5-minute clip, complete with an accompanying Japanese rap track.

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What makes the clip extra impressive is the fact that it’s been created in a striking hard-boiled visual style, which incorporates dark shadows to portray a tough, mysterious world of intrigue. Instead of having a detective character at the centre of the story, however, this clip portrays Momofuku Ando as a samurai warrior who’s dismayed at the long waiting lines at makeshift noodle stalls in post-war Japan. Seeing people go hungry due to food shortages frustrates him and he vows to work hard every day to change things for the better and find a way to feed hungry people all over the world with an abundant supply of noodles.

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▼ Keeping his vow a secret, the inventor quietly works day and night, through confusion and uncertainty, diligently searching for a way to reinvent the noodle.

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After shedding blood, sweat and tears into the creation, a revelation is made one day when he notices his wife frying tempura in oil. This is the lightbulb moment that gives birth to 瞬間油熱乾燥法 (shunkan-yu-netsu kansō-hō), the technique of frying instant noodles in oil for a short time to dehydrate them, which is the fundamental process that gave birth to the instant noodle.

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The noodles spread from Japan to change the food culture of the world, proving that Ando’s bold dedication and spirit, like that of a samurai warrior, left a legacy that lives on past his lifetime and continues to inspire people today.

▼ Ando is seen wearing his trademark glasses at the very end of the clip, heralded with rap lyrics calling him “The Originator”.

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According to Nissin, the “Samurai Noodles” concept will be incorporated into future projects to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary year in 2018. To see what we have to look forward to, take a look at the full video below.

▼ If you want English subtitles, click the settings button and select
“English” under the subtitles menu.

And if you ‘d like to sing along to the Japanese rap, check out the lyrics below.

日々営み もままならない頃/戦いのあと残された心/わずかしかない口にできるもの
Hibi itonami mo mamanaranai koro / tatakai no ato nokosareta kokoro wazuka shika nai kuchi ni dekiru mono
Futo gyōretsu-saki ni mita kibō / shoku tarite yo wa taira ka / kono mi o motte egao mitaikara
Atarimae no arikata / koete iku tame / sagashi hajimeru mukō-gawa
Yasashiku dare no moto ni mo / atataka-sa ga ikiwataru tedate / kotsukotsu
Shaberu koto naku mokumoku / kūhaku ni suwari hotsurenagara tsumugu / kon’nan renzoku konran
Shikōsakugo ni sōnan shi-sō ni natta shunkan / tenpura koreda!
Shunkan-yu-netsu kansō-hō!
The Originator/The Originator
Keiken no nai matsu sarana nukumori ga
The Originator/The Originator
Umareta sonotoki ni sekai wa kawatta
The Originator/The Originator
The Originator/The Originator 

Source, Images: Nissin
Screenshots: YouTube/Nissin