Children’s shows are generally the weirdest things you can find on TV. We don’t really know why, though our assumption is that the writers and illustrators come up with ideas by pointing at random words in the dictionary. Either way, it seems that the weirder a show is, the more fans they have, and that means more toys! Which, of course, is scary for parents and their ever-shrinking wallets.

But sometimes those toys are enough to scare kids too…

PreCure, the magical girl anime series, is perhaps one of the cutest anime shows you’ll ever see before your brain explodes in a mushroom cloud of pink glitter. And the related toys, like the ball pictured above, are generally in keeping with the ethos of, what we assume is, “more cuteness than a petting zoo.”

Unfortunately for the show’s fans, though, it looks like one toy designer decided that a PreCure ball with PreCure pictures on it simply wasn’t enough and turned a PreCure character’s head into the ball.

▼Cthulhu called. He said you’re giving him nightmares.

Well, now that you’re not sleeping tonight, here’s the story behind this spine-tingling photo.

Japanese Twitter user Chiyo88 tweeeted these PreCure “ball” photos along with the below comments.

This isn’t a ball with a PreCure picture on it but rather PreCure as the ball…(bewildering)

What would happen if you threw this for fun….???

Twitter users responded, with one simply replying: “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!” To which Chiyo88 replied:

This isn’t horror! It’s a toy for little girls!

Another Twitter user added that this would undoubtedly make said little girls cry, and we have to say that, based on the series of experiments we didn’t actually run, this is probably true.

Agreeing, Chiyo88 wrote:

If this came right at your face without any spin, it’d be utterly horrifying…

Chioyo88 then tweeted the photo and message below.

There are also some fairies, but they’re understandable. Cute. Yes.

Finally, another Twitter user pointed out that the PreCure ball basically looked like a severed head, to which Chiyo88 responded with this:

There’s…actually…a body…

We can’t not read that as if Chiyo88 were gasping for breath, huffing into the phone and desperately trying to warn a friend of their impending doom.

Internet commenters reacted to the photos by gouging their eyes out and sacrificing their computers.


Why such a serious look???

It kind of looks like it’s from Evangelion.

Hey, I actually like this!

It would be good for giving you the chills and cooling you down in summer…

The person who approved this needs to be fired!

We couldn’t agree more, anonymous user!

Note: RocketNews24 is not responsible for the therapy you surely now require.

Source: Hachimakikou