4-year old wows Twitter with perfect pixel portrayals of Pretty Cure anime magical girls

The future looks bright for this budding artist, who made over 50 of the core PreCure cast out of acrylic beads.

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After 15 years, the first male Pretty Cure has arrived… perhaps

Cure Infini has something 55 of his predecessors never possessed: a Y chromosome.

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Adult PreCure fans learn anime game for little girls can be emotionally devastating for grown-ups

Dialogue in new Nintendo Switch video game is just fine for little kids, but “a form of harassment” for older fans.

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Pretty Cure’s latest movie clip stars 55 sparkly magical girls from the anime franchise【Video】

The latest movie from Toei Animation’s PreCure series showcases every single magical heroine from the series’ 14-year run. Let’s get dancing!

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Pretty Cure is here to cure monotony in lingerie design with bra and pantie sets for Cure Black and Cure White.

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Popular anime declares “Boys can be princesses too,” prompts apology from Japanese resort hotel

Pretty Cure encourages boys who feel like it to wear dresses and be princesses, hotel apologizes for not being progressive enough.

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Will anime contest for little kids end with magical girls visiting the home of a middle-aged guy?

Anime observers are cocking an eyebrow at prize in latest PreCure promotional event.

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Magical girl anime PreCure! has its own themed hotel rooms in Japan

More than 10,000 guests have stayed in hotel’s magical girl-decorated rooms.

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Athletic otaku runs marathon in impressive time while cosplaying as anime magical girl 【Photos】

When running a full marathon, you want to make sure you’re outfitted with the proper equipment, like supportive, well-cushioned athletic shoes, sunglasses to keep the glare out of your eyes, and, of course, a frilly anime magical girl skirt so you can cosplay as you run.

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Anime huggy pillows “walk” down the red carpet at Tokyo International Film Festival 【Video】

The Tokyo International Film Festival, as per its name, hosts luminaries of the movie world from around the globe. Kicking off the event is a gala ceremony in which guests walk down the red carpet to greet their fans and the press.

Local artists aren’t excluded from the festivities, though, and this being Japan, a number of high-profile anime works are also screened at the festival. But what do you do when your most recognizable star is a cute 2-D girl?

Simple, you walk down the red carpet holding an anime huggy pillow of her.

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Famous Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld makes a smooth transition from fashion to anime

Surprise cameos by famous faces in completely unrelated TV shows or movies are always fun and get people talking. It’s even more fun when a famous face turns into an animated character.

Last Sunday, the magical schoolgirl anime, Go! Princess Precure, featured one of the fashion world’s most famous designers, Karl Lagerfeld. While the young girls tuning in to the show may not have caught on, the adults watching in the background found it cool and amusing.

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PreCure giant-headed doll effortlessly delivers your daily dose of WTF!?

Children’s shows are generally the weirdest things you can find on TV. We don’t really know why, though our assumption is that the writers and illustrators come up with ideas by pointing at random words in the dictionary. Either way, it seems that the weirder a show is, the more fans they have, and that means more toys! Which, of course, is scary for parents and their ever-shrinking wallets.

But sometimes those toys are enough to scare kids too…

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