For a relatively young band, BABYMETAL has lost no time in spreading their music around the world with festival appearances, adorable videos, and endorsements by numerous metal icons. Sadly, they can’t be in every city every day, so your chances of actually seeing the group perform may be kind of low. However, thanks to Funko, you no longer have to wait until their tour pass through your town for a chance to see the fox god devotees. Soon, you’ll be able to buy the whole group and keep them on your shelf!

▼ Su-metal


Funko, the toy company responsible for all your giant-headed toys, has announced the newest additions to their POP! series and it’s none other than our favorite band, BABYMETAL!

▼ Moametal

BM (1)

Each of the girls will be getting their own vinyl version, with their arms reflecting their positions on stage.

The toys are available for preorder online now from a variety of retailers, including BigBadToyStore, where you can find the figures for US$9.99. Funko’s release date is still a little vague (they’ve only listed availability as December), but we’d like to think they’ll be in time for whatever holiday you’ll be celebrating.

▼ Yuimetal


And if you’d rather buy them all for yourself and not share, don’t worry — Your secret is safe with us!

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Top image: Twitter/@OriginalFunko
Images: Funko