Cash in the mail to pay for kids’ Christmas gifts supposedly comes from Demon Slayer and PreCure stars.

While Japanese entertainment fiction isn’t completely devoid of internally conflicted protagonists and messy, murky themes, many of the most popular anime series are centered on good people consistently doing good things. For example, Tanjiro Kamado follows the path of straightforward goodness as the hero of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, with the series rising to the peak of popularity in Japan these days, and it looks like his desire to do good wherever and whenever he can is inspiring others to do the same in the real world.

On the morning of November 2, clerks at the ward office in Yokohama City’s Naka Ward was going through the day’s mail when they came across an envelope containing cash and the handwritten letter shown in the photo below.

The letter reads:

It’s a little early, but here’s a Christmas present. I hope it can help bring some smiles to the children of the world this Christmas.

Tanjiro Kamado
Miyuki Hoshizora

In addition to Tanjiro, the letter also bore the name of Miyuki Hoshizora, one of the stars of the Smile PreCure branch of the Pretty Cure magical girl franchise.

▼ Miyuki Hoshizora, also known as Cure Happy

The donation included in the envelope came to 3,000 yen (US$29). While that’s not going to be enough to bring smiles to all the children of the world, it’s still enough to brighten a few kids’ days. Moreover, considering that it’s being given with no desire for reward or recognition, and the implied hope that the presents will help kids continue believing that heroes do exist, it’s a gesture that’s moving beyond the modest monetary sum.

Though this is the first time for Yokohama to receive a donation from “Tanjiro,” officials say the city’s children have benefitted from “Miyuki’s” generosity multiple times, with the first incident coming in June of last year. Since then, they’ve received sporadic letters from the PreCure magical girl containing 3,000 yen in cash, bookstore gift certificates, notebooks, and/or other writing supplies. The city says that the latest donation will be applied to child welfare activities.

The situation is reminiscent of the Japanese social phenomenon of anonymous donations to children’s organizations being accompanied by a letter from anime pro wrestler Tiger Mask. The titular protagonist of the Tiger Mask franchise grew up in an orphanage, and Tanjiro lost his parents at a young age, leading to both of them facing challenges during childhood. In contrast, Miyuki seems to have grown up in a traditional and stable family environment, but is definitely the sort of thoughtful, caring individual who’d want everyone to be happy at Christmas.

With the Tanjiro-signed letter coming after his series recently inspired at least two cases of redemption and forgiveness, it’s nice to see anime fandom contributing to acts of compassion. And again, while Miyuki and Tanjiro’s gift may not be much, it’s another reminder that if we all do what we can to treat each other with kindness, bit by bit it can help make the world a better place.

Sources: City of Yokohama, Kyodo via Otakomu, Mainichi Shimbun
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Insert image: City of Yokohama
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