A Chiba area high school teacher, presumably cackling wildly the whole time, has perfected a system to transfer chicken embryos from their eggs to clear plastic containers and raise them to birth. Surprisingly, Tesla coils are in no way involved in the process and the chickens are born perfectly healthy and are not, in fact, zombie chickens.

The shockingly simple procedure is actually similar to making an omelet, in some ways. First, the egg is carefully broken and the contents transferred to a warm environment. Then it’s just a matter of refraining from adding some salt and turning up the heat while you wait for the chick to gestate.


Exactly what temperature the embryos must be kept at, as well as some other conditions for success, are being kept under wraps by the teacher, probably so the technique can’t fall into the wrong hands.

Yutaka Tahara, the teacher behind the breakthrough, says success took over 30 years of trial and error and that the technique currently has a little over a 50 percent success rate. Tahara says he began experimenting with the idea so that his students could examine the growth of chicken embryos without having to ultimately kill them, although we shudder to think how many innocent embryos died in his 30 years of research.

We assume his first words when his experiment finally succeeded were, “MWAHAHAHA!!”

Source: Itai News