By the look on Seiji’s face you might think he just discovered the cure to a rare disease, but the truth is much better. He found a way to get a delicious chicken sandwich for only 140 yen (US$1.34) from McDonald’s.

You may recall that McDonald’s Japan announced three new toppings as of 15 June: jalapeno peppers, cream cheese, and smoked bacon. For an additional 40 yen ($0.38) each, you can add these to any sandwich on the menu.

Right away our team got to work finding the best possible combinations in terms of taste and value, and it was fashion correspondent Seiji Nakazawa who found what may be the ultimate one: The Hidden Chicken Crisp.

It’s simple. First, just order a Chicken Crip, which is a breaded chicken fillet and lettuce on a hamburger bun. Then ask for some cream cheese. Since the Chicken Crisp is a part of the 100 yen ($0.96) value meal and the cream cheese is an extra 40 yen, you can walk away with this beauty for only 140 yen.

It’s even 60 yen cheaper than a Chicken Cheeseburger, which sells for 200 yen ($1.91) and has pretty much the same ingredients.

▼ Components of a Chicken Crisp (100 yen): Bun, Chicken Crisp Patty, Lettuce

Image: McDonald’s Japan

▼ Components of a Chicken Cheeseburger (200 yen): Sesame Seed Bun, Chicken Crisp Patty, Lettuce, and Cheese… Sesame seeds must be really expensive

Image: McDonald’s Japan

The Chicken Cheeseburger uses a slice of processed cheese, which you can actually add to a Chicken Crisp for 30 yen ($0.29) extra. However, the additional 10 yen for the cream cheese is worth it in terms of taste, and it’s probably less of a hassle to order.

Seiji was feeling mighty proud of himself for this discovery and fantasized about his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize in Economics for this groundbreaking and delicious discovery.

Other Seiji discoveries that were worth an honorable mention include the Cheeseburger with jalapenos for a total of 170 yen ($1.62). It was also very lively and flavorful, but just a touch too rich to be the ultimate in hidden topping cost performance.

Also notable is the Egg Cheeseburger with smoked bacon for 240 yen ($2.29). Again the price was climbing a little high, but there is quite a bit packed into that little burger.

In total there are said to be 285 combinations using these new toppings, and while we haven’t tried them all, we feel the Hidden Chicken Crisp will be tough to beat. So if you ever find yourself hungry in Japan with only the change wedged in your car seat available, now you know what to do.

Original article by Seiji Nakazawa
Photos: RocketNews24
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