In one of the stranger criminal cases this summer–though not quite the strangest–a 29-year-old woman has attacked another woman in a Tokyo train station restroom with pepper spray.

The reason for the attack will leave you baffled.


On August 12, at Takanobaba Station in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, a shocking, essentially unprovoked attack took place in the station’s women’s restroom.

It seems that Maya Kashiwaga, an unemployed 29-year-old woman from Samigahara City in Kanagawa, assaulted a teenaged woman with pepper spray. The attack has left serious wounds on the teenaged woman’s arms–expected to take a week to heal–and resulted in six other women being taken to the hospital for irritation to their eyes. Kashiwaga was apprehended by the police at the station and is being charged with assault.


So what provoked all of this?

Apparently, as they were entering the restroom, the teenaged woman simply said, “After you,” and motioned for Kashiwaga to go in first.

Kashiwaga told police that she became incredibly irritated with what the other woman had said and used the pepper spray.

The women had never met before, and police are investigating why Kashiwaga was in possession of the spray.


Japanese netizens were baffled by the attack.

A 29-year-old woman who get furious at a teenager for saying “After you”???

It’s a relief that they caught her at the station. Though the motive seems to be that she was just crazy.

What the…I cannot understand this at all.

We can’t even be polite on a basic level!

This certainly is a troubling and confusing case. One would assume that Kashiwaga is either suffering from some kind of mental health issues or was driven mad by the heat. And we really hope no one takes this as reason not to be polite!

Source: Jin115, MainichiJP
Images: Jin115