It seems like just about every other video game released these days also appears in “collector’s edition” form featuring all manner of inserts, plastic trinkets and overly elaborate packaging, with publishers cashing in simply by dropping the term “limited edition”. Usually this results in a few thousand people having the same cheaply-produced goods piling up in their game grottos that will seldom be worth much more than they paid, but in the case of the Taiwanese release of Doraemon: Nobita’s Number Adventure for Nintendo 3DS, there’s a certain item up for grabs that might just be worth a few extra pennies in years to come.

Celebrating the launch of the localised version of the mathematics-based adventure game, Nintendo of Taiwan has pulled out all the stops and produced five Doraemon edition 3DS consoles, which feature the simple white outline of everyone’s favourite robot cat on an appropriately blue background.

Purchasers of the game (which releases on September 3 in Taiwan) will be in with a chance to win one of the consoles, with just five people in the entire country becoming the proud owners of the genuinely rare piece of hardware. We can only imagine what Doraemon enthusiasts would pay for one of these things on eBay.

So far it looks like the Doreamon design will be limited to the standard edition of 3DS, so those hoping to pick up a 3DSXL featuring the cat’s whiskers will be disappointed. With the game aimed primarily at kids, however, we suppose it’s to be expected as the 3DS’s big-screened brethren is far too unwieldy for their tiny hands.

Here’s the official Japanese commercial for the game, which shows two well-behaved boys enjoying a spot of arithmetic quietly in their bedroom, just like I used to when I was working out how many seconds I had to shave off my lap-time on Mario Circuit 1 in order to beat my friend’s record…

Source: GameSpark (Japanese) 
Video via YouTube SHOGAKUKANch