In Western countries, they say that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Oddly enough, Japan uses the similar phrase: “Otoko gokoro wo tsukamu ni wa ibukuro kara,” or “you can snatch a man’s heart if you start with his stomach.” A local Twitter user managed to find a store in the Okubo area of Tokyo that might have taken this phrase a step too far, however.

Included on the store’s outside sign board, where normally you’d find today’s specials, was the coffee shop’s secret recipe for catching a man:


The sign reads:

How to get a boyfriend:

Step 1: Order some of our coffee to go.
Step 2: Give the coffee to the boy you’re interested in and say, “If it’s tasty, go out with me!”
Step 3: Don’t worry, because our coffee is delicious. He will be obligated to go out with you.
*Note: In the unlikely case that the boy in question declines your offer, return to our store. We will then give you scalding hot coffee to throw in the boy’s face.

So all you single men out there, keep an eye out. If a girl comes up to you offering coffee, you may have found yourself a date! But remember what might happen if you refuse…

Source, Inset image: Jin115
Top image: HDW