Coffee… in an ice cream cone… genius!

For a country where tea is almost as common as water, Japan is still just as much in love with coffee as the rest of the world. They’ve even come up with some pretty unusual ways of serving coffee, bringing us everything from coffee rice to coffee you can spread on toast.

But one cafe in Tokyo is preparing coffee in possibly the most delicious-looking way we’ve seen yet: by pouring it into an ice cream cone.

▼ It’s so good, even the coffee is smiling.

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The name of the cafe is, appropriately, Coffee Cone and they’re located in Koenji, Tokyo. While they serve up a variety of typical cafe fare, unexpectedly the items getting the most attention are their coffee cones.

The coffee cones come in a variety of flavors, just like ordering a real ice cream cone, coming in chocolate-dipped, sprinkle-dipped, and other varieties. Here’s just a sampling of some to make you wish you were in Koenji right now:

▼ If you’re not in a coffee mood, then you can get a cone-full of rich,
green matcha instead. With a chocolate-matcha-dipped cone as well, of course!

▼ Or how about a fancier brew in your cone? I love the little mugs at the bottom
that both prevent leakage, and let you sip up any drips that may get through.

▼ The usual latte art is a smily face, but it seems like
they are more than capable of other designs as well.

▼ And if you’d prefer just a good old fashioned ice cream cone, they’re more
than happy to oblige. (Complete with cute anti-drip mug at the bottom!)

▼ Even just this slice of bread covered in chocolate
and nuts that they have looks amazing!

If you’re in the Tokyo area and if you’re a fan of coffee and ice cream, then be sure to give yourself a treat this weekend by heading down to Coffee Cone.

Or hey, feel free to skip Starbucks on Monday morning and head into work with one if these bad boys in hand instead! Unless, of course, you already have a 20-pound (9-kilogram) Starbucks coffee cup waiting to be filled.

▼ The outside of Coffee Cone.
(Address and information below.)

Restaurant information
Coffee Cone
Address: Tokyo-to, Suginami-ku, Koenjiminami 3-20-15

Source: Instagram/coffeeconetokyo via odigo
Featured image: Instagram/ai3_y723