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This spring, the Golden Arches might look just a bit like yellow bananas.

A while back, McDonald’s Japan launched its McCafé by Barista sub-brand of mini coffee houses located on the same premises as select branches of the fast food chain. Along with fancier coffee than what’s available at a standard McDonald’s, McCafé by Barista also has a larger variety of desserts on its menu. This being Japan, of course some of those desserts are seasonal specials, and this week McCafé by Barista rolled out its new chocolate banana line.

While just about anyone who’s tried the flavors together would say that chocolate and banana make a great pair, Japan has a special place in its heart for the combination, and so this spring McCafé has three chocolate banana beverages on offer, starting with the chocolate banana smoothie (480 yen [US$4.50] for a medium size).

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While the milk-based chocolate banana smoothie has been periodically available before, this new version packs even more fruit flavor by being made with fresh banana, banana puree, and banana syrup. Representing the chocolate side of the equation is the chocolate sauce layered in the drink itself and drizzled across the whipped cream topping.

If you think the only thing that can make a blend of chocolate and banana more appealing is some caffeine, you can opt for the espresso-based chocolate banana latte (350 yen for a small) or iced chocolate banana late (390 yen for a medium), with the latter also getting the whipped cream treatment.

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And finally, if you’d like some food with your banana beverages, 340 yen will get you a slice of banana chiffon cake.

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The entire lineup is on sale now, and will be available until late May.

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Source: Entabe
Top image: McDonald’s Japan (edited by RocketNews24)