This spring, Starbucks Japan invites you to enjoy a unique white coffee experience! 

It looks like Starbucks Japan has come up with another line of items to delight fans of innovative coffee drinks. The coffee chain recently announced that they will be releasing two new beverages to introduce what they are calling a “white coffee experience” and which they have described as a completely new way to enjoy coffee.

The two new items that will be offered as part of the white coffee experience are as follows:

1. The Mousse Foam Latte (available hot or cold, tall size only for 440 yen [US$4.14])

This frothy drink is the first of its kind to be made with a “mousse foam” created from non-fat milk. According to Starbucks’ product description, the foam has an incredibly rich and smooth consistency, and combined with the strong caramelly flavor of the double shot espresso contained in the drink, the result should satisfy coffee fans, in addition to being visually stunning with the foam, espresso and Starbucks milk creating beautiful layers.

2. The White Brew Coffee and Macadamia Frappuccino (tall size only,  590 yen)

Although this Frappuccino has a snowy white color, it contains a surprising amount of coffee flavor, owing to the “espresso milk” it contains, which is made in-store each day by soaking coffee beans in milk by hand. According to Starbucks’ explanation, the process allows the coffee oil from the surface of roasted coffee beans to seep into the milk, giving it the flavor but none of the bitterness of the coffee. In addition, the drink contains white chocolate syrup and crunchy candied macadamia nut bits for a combination sure to delight Frappuccino lovers.

The two new items are apparently the first in a series of products which Starbucks are calling the “New Starbucks Coffee Journey“, which they have announced will be a journey to explore surprising and innovative ways to enjoy coffee, so hopefully, we can look forward to even more creative and tasty drinks in the future!

The white coffee experience drinks will be available at Starbucks across Japan starting from March 15. The hot Mousse Foam Latte is scheduled to be on offer until May 8, while they will continue offering the cold Mousse Foam Latte until later in the year, and the White Brew Coffee and Macadamia Frappuccino will be on sale until April 11, so don’t miss out if you’re going to be in Japan this spring!

Source: Starbucks press release
Top image: Starbucks press release
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