titan cup

Green tea simply not manly enough for you? Worried that everyone in the office will think you’ve gone soft if you break out a pack of barley tea instead of filling your cup with the communal coffee? Then add a touch of terror to tea-time with this awesome, limited edition Attack on Titan mug and chakoshi tea strainer set.

Featuring the iconic Colossus Titan, this mug and tea strainer set is sure to put an end to those cup ownership “mishaps”, with anyone daring to come close to your mug of cha meeting the demonic stare of the skinless monster peering over its rim, which of course is painted to look like the equally monolithic wall of the city the manga and anime’s human heroes inhabit.

Although with a towel placed on his head, the Colossus Titan looks more like he’s enjoying a relaxing dip in a hot spring rather than invading the city.

titan mug close

Made of silicon, the towering Titan admittedly looks a bit silly when he’s taken out of the cup and like he’s doing an impression of a cute woodland animal, but he has your best interests at heart. Covered with tiny holes that allow hot water to pass through while keeping those tea leaves securely locked up inside, just fill him with your tea of choice, pop him in the mug filled with hot water and let nature take its course.

▼ Grrr. Who’s for a nice cup on genmai?

titan cup 1

titan mug

If you’re interested in picking up one of these cool creations, it’ll set you back 2,100 yen (US$21). You’ll have to be quick though–the awesomely named BrainPolice Online Store (Japanese only, sorry) who makes and distributes the mug sets is only taking orders until September 8, stating that the finished articles will be delivered sometime at the end of October. Hurry along now!

Source: BrainPolice via IT Media
Images: BrainPolice