I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s this anime (and manga) called Attack on Titan… Who are we kidding? Of course you’ve heard! After sharply rising to popularity with the release of the anime in spring 2013, this post-apocalyptic story, featuring man-eating giants and tree-swinging military characters, has been everywhere from iPhone cases to bananas, even joining in collaborations with Marvel and Universal Studios Japan.

When the directors of Mori Art Museum in Ueno were thinking about what kind of special goods they wanted to sell along with their Attack on Titan exhibit, they thought, “Well, why don’t we team up with a top-line tea maker like Lupicia?” Because dainty tea is the obvious first choice to pair with a dark fantasy. Low and behold, the Attack on Titan blended teas have been selling out faster than any other product in the gift shop.

The Attack on Titan themed tea comes in three different flavors, each designed to help you be brave, intelligent or calm, like the character Levi. At first I thought it kind of weird, focusing all the teas on only Levi’s attributes, but as he is “humanity’s most powerful soldier,” I guess that’s not such a bad decision.

▼ The brave, intelligent and calm Levi Ackerman.


The packaging is also very well done (sans the Engrish), keeping in tune with the old-school German theme of the show. Without reading the words, you’d probably never assume that it was related in any way to giants.

▼ Try not too focus too much on “Brend.”


So now the flavors:

First we have Brave Red, which is rooibos tea with apricot, plum and red safflower for extra red-orange color and, of course, bravery inducing flavor. It is said to emit the image of a soldier who fights whole-heartedly, but keeps his passion contained. Might be helpful to drink before you ask that girl out on a date.

▼ Brave Red tea and the brave man it’s fashioned after.


Next is Intelligent Blue, a black tea featuring refreshing citrus and blue cornflower flavors. The taste is intended to make you one with Levi’s cool and collected wisdom. Perhaps a good one to drink before an exam.

Finally we have Calm Green, a blend of green tea rooibos, with hints of Muscat, green apple and wild strawberry leaf. It’s refreshing, sweet and a little fruity. According to some Twitter users, “it’s bittersweet but just the right balance.” A sip of this will make you feel like you are taking a little break with your Survey Corps, Special Operations teammates. How relaxing!

▼ The combination of green tea and rooibos makes a nice orange color.


While the teas sounds awfully appetizing and I would love to feel as brave, intelligent and calm as Levi, the only problem is that the gift shop keeps selling out of the teas! The exhibit opened on November 28 and was sold out of tea within two days. Good news though, starting on December 9, they got a new shipment, but now people are limited to three cans per person. If you do manage to get your hands on one, it will cost you 1,500 yen (US$12) for a can of seven tea bags.

▼ When you go to get your tea, maybe stop by the exhibit too…


If the tea is selling so well, Lupicia should probably consider making it a normal product, I’m sure the convenience store Lawson would be on board to sell it, as they have already been taken over with Attack on Titan products. It sure would be nice to sip some Green Calm while anxiously awaiting the live action movie.

Source: goo
Top Image: Attack on Titan Official Goods
Insert Images: Wikia, Twitter (@f_anje@sun3moo, @kyojinten)