On 22 August, four youths between the ages of 15 and 17 were apprehended for robbing and injuring a man in the streets of Tokyo. While in custody one of the teenagers confessed they had taken the man’s money because they “wanted to get some special attack uniforms [tokkoufuku] and go to an AKB48 handshake meet.”

Well, that certainly clears up everything!

On 11 August, as a 27-year-old male graduate student was leaving a convenience store, he was approached by the four teens. The boys took his mobile phone and the drink he had bought inside the store. They also demanded that he “get out the money.” The man reportedly suffered minor injuries during the confrontation.

According to police, the suspects were hoping to attend an AKB48 handshake event where fans are able to meet the members of the idol group for a very limited time and, well, shake their hands.

Of course going to such an event you’d have only a few fleeting moments to catch the eye of these lovely ladies so dressing right is key. That’s why these youngsters wanted to get some slick special attack uniforms.

Special attack uniforms are outfits resembling the uniforms of kamikaze forces from World War II. They’re stereotypically enjoyed mainly by Japanese biker gangs (bosozoku) and other rambunctious youths.

A special attack uniform consists of a slim-fitting jacket either long or short which is embroidered with various words or phrases constructed phonetically but in unorthodox ways from kanji characters.

Sure they did the crime, but who among us wouldn’t do the same in their place? Much like how Jean Valjean stole a loaf of bread to feed his family, these lads stole a man’s drink to buy some matching clothes for their favorite pop group. They really didn’t have a choice under the circumstances…

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