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Fans of Hatsune Miku who picked up one of Sony’s Miku-themed Xperia A smartphones will no doubt be delighted to hear that they now have the chance to make their mobile that little bit more digital diva. Produced by the creators of genius accessories such as the egg-on-toast cover and ramen bowl stand, Hamee, and sold via Japanese online accessory store Strapya, this onion-equipped smartphone case is sure to make your feelings about the Vocaloid Queen plain for all to see.

Hatsune Miku is often pictured with her trademark vegetable, negi – or Welsh Onion to you and me – on account of her links to the Loituma “leek-spinning girl” Girl, so it was perhaps only a matter of time before someone produced a negi-themed case to fit one of Sony’s Miku-themed Xperia models.

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The enormous pair of plastic negi are almost twice the thickness of the smartphone itself, and sit at an angle on its rear. While it may look awkward to hold, the case was actually designed to provide the user with additional grip, so the plastic onions act as a handle of sorts, with the angle at which are attached intended allow the smartphone user to take photos unobstructed. Quite how you’d fit your phone discreetly in your pocket with this thing attached though, is beyond us.

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But of course, Hamee would be missing a trick if they hadn’t considered the millions of iPhone lovers in Japan, so there’s a model for iPhone 5, too. We feel odd even saying it, but somehow having a negi attached to anything that isn’t Miku-blue just looks wrong to us…

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Both of the cases retail for 3,990 yen (US$40) and are available to order online now, with delivery expected sometime at the beginning of September.

Source: IT Media
Images via kai-you.netStrapya