A Nagaski area public toilet is proving that the future that Blade Runner envisioned is now, and it’s in Japan.

The public toilet in question is apparently about a 10-minute walk from the station proper, at an unassuming location near a pedestrian underpass. To even gain access to the toilet requires you to figure out a complex series of buttons and probably pass a retinal scan to ensure you aren’t a Replicant.


In disappointing reality, the buttons are just to open and close the door.

The video below gives us a closer glimpse at our dystopian future, as pressing the open button causes the futuristic door to slide open, slow and shuddering, complete with that psssshew exhaust hiss that people in the 80s thought all machines of any kind would produce in the future.

Inside, the slightly rusted out interior betrays a new “Sit Down” button that serves a purpose we hope you can imagine without us coming right out and saying it (Poop. There, we said it.), that triggers the overly-utilitarian toilet seat to come sliding out of a hidden compartment. Again, during this whole process, 80s-film-era future sounds abound.



When you’re finished with your business, just press the door button, but be aware that once the door haltingly slides open, you’ll be deposited back out into our boring real world where Replicants don’t even exist and you have to go back to your desk job.



Source: Another Tokyo