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US psychic Ron Bard has spoken out once again via his official Twitter account, warning that the world – specifically Japan – is in great peril, prompting chatter online. This new warning comes after Mr. Bard claimed back in mid-July this year to have foreseen a natural disaster that would occur in Japan “in the next two or three months”, urging people in Japan to follow him on Twitter and prepare for difficult times.

Having spent some time in Japan and even appeared on television, Mr. Bard has a number of fans in the country, and often tweets in Japanese with the help of a translator. He frequently professes his love for Japan, but warns that trouble may be ahead and asks for his followers to be vigilant.

His previous prediction of a natural disaster, however, proved to be something of a false alarm and left many Japanese – evidently the below Twitter user included – at a loss as to why little more had been said on the subject since the initial, somewhat unsettling, statements professing terrible danger for Japan.

▼ A seemingly genuine question from a Japanese Twitter user regarding Mr. Bard’s previous prediction

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Earlier today, however, Mr. Bard took to his keyboard once again to warn the world that there is trouble ahead, naming the United States, Japan and North Korea in particular. It is not clear, however, whether Mr. Bard is making these statements simply as a casual observer of the current political and economic climates, or whether they are in some way related to his psychic visions of the future.

Here are Mr. Bard’s tweets, courtesy of our sister site RocketNews24 Japan.

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It is the purported psychic’s mentions of Japan, however, that have raised so many eyebrows in Asia today, with many unsure as to whether in the tweet, “Japan will be in terrible danger next 24 hours will tell tail [sic] as military crumbles,” Mr. Bard is stating that danger will befall the country within the next 24 hours or rather that all will become clear within that time period, nor whether “military” he refers to is that belonging to Japan, the United States or North Korea.

A number of RocketNews24 Japan readers seem to have taken this latest piece of advice from the psychic with a pinch of salt, however, with responses ranging from the simple, “Nothing will happen. He isn’t foreseeing anything,” to the quietly confident, “I’ll stock up on water and alcohol ;-)”.

Reference: Twitter @ronniebard
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