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Unlike a lot of children, I never doodled in my notebooks because I was bored at school. This wasn’t because I was consumed with the beauty of education or absorbed in what my teachers were saying. I was simply such a bad artist that listening to them drone on was still more enjoyable for me than trying to draw a picture, even if the lectures ended up putting me to sleep as often as not.

If they’d only had these Attack on Titan notebooks when I was a kid, maybe I would have stayed awake more often.

Back at the start of the Japanese school year in April, we talked about this line of Star Wars study supplies produced by Showa Notebook. It’s been a couple of months since then, though, and we wouldn’t be surprised if eager young minds have already filled up all the pages. Thankfully, next month they can restock their backpacks with notebooks featuring the characters of everyone’s favorite giant-killing, people-eating, beard-busting anime, Attack on Titan.

A total of five designs will be available. Here we see marked as being for “free use,” a subtle reference to the heroes’ Survey Corps and the legion’s Wings of Freedom insignia.

▼ Once again, Levi is so popular that ostensible series protagonist Eren can’t get solo billing.

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A different notebook features Jean, who for some reason is all about chamfron today, which as far as we know is an armored covering for a horse’s head.

▼ Remember kids, you’re never too young to start learning about the importance of proper barding for your steed.

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Whether you spell her name as Hanji, Hange, or Hans, there’s no arguing that Attack on Titan’s giant-obsessed researcher is a sensible choice for the cover of the Survey Corps Squad Book.

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Climbing higher up the organizational ladder, we come to Survey Corps commanding officer Erwin’s Commander Notebook.

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And finally, with summer vacation right around the corner and many school kids in Japan having to write a report about how they spent it, there’s no better way to keep track of all those lazy days than with the two-month Eren’s Journal.

TN 2

We have a feeling several of the entries will end up being “Read Attack on Titan manga.”

Source: Jin
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