Monpoke will also have toys and picture books for extra-tiny would-be Pokémon Masters.

When Pokémon first got started, the franchise was primarily produced for little kids. That was 23 years ago, though, so a lot of those initial target-demographic fans are now reaching the part of their lives where they’re ready to start producing little kids of their own.

With the Pokémon video game and anime series having taken those adult fans on so many cheerfully fun adventures, it’s only natural that they want their kids to be able to make similar happy memories, and so it’s just been announced that a brand-new line of Pokémon maternity and baby products is coming in Japan.

Called Monpoke, the new brand will allow expectant mothers a fun fandom outlet even before their due date. As part of the collaborative venture between the Pokémon Company and a number of Japanese organizations, Monpoke’s offerings will include maternity wear as well as baby clothing from Japanese fashion company Inujirushi. Other planned items include picture books starring a baby-proportioned Pikachu and toys from Kawada, the company best-known internationally for its Nanoblocks building block sets.

▼ Between Monpoke and Japan’s Pikachu-themed wedding reception, it looks like the Pokémon franchise is hoping to be there every time your family grows.

Monpoke is setting its target market as mothers and children under 36 months old. While specific products are yet to be revealed, Monpoke will be an exhibitor at Japan’s annual Maternity and Baby Festa next month in Yokohama, after which we can expect to start seeing more of what Poké-moms and their Poké-kids will be wearing in the near future.

Source: @Press via Oricon News via Otakomu
Images: @Press
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