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Some of our US-based readers may not be especially familiar with German shaving brand Schick, but here in Japan the company is top dog when it comes to safety razors, and its products can be found in just about any supermarket or pharmacy. Recently, in order to promote its relaxing “dream shave” experience and newest model of disposable razor, the Quattro 5 Titanium, Schick Japan has released the following promotional video, which sees one lucky young man take a zero-gravity flight with two bikini-clad models in order to try the razor out.

Hmmm… Pretty girls tumbling about in slow motion while squirting foam. You think anyone would watch that?

The premise of the saucy video is simple. A young man with about as much facial hair as I, the wild man-ape that I am, will have grown by the time I finish writing this article is joined by a pair of smiley models on a free-fall flight to experience zero-gravity. With the trio floating about the cabin, they open up their cans of shaving foam, squirt some about for good measure and then lather the bum-fluff bachelor up for his dream shave. Only, it doesn’t end quite as we had expected.

▼ Razor and ladies in tow, the brave cosmonaut is ready to fly.

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▼ The plane goes into free-fall and the weightless fun begins!

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▼ Better squirt this about a bit. It probably won’t damage any vital instruments…

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▼ And we’ll need lots of shots like this. To prove that the girls are weightless.

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▼ Our hero then inserts himself between the girls and they prepare him for his shave.

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▼ And stab him in the chest with a fork, by the looks of it…

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It is here, however, that this man’s “dream shave” experience suddenly differs quite drastically from our own. All lathered up and ready to remove those pesky bristles, instead of letting them do the hard work for him, the young man inexplicably breaks away from the pretty pair and… shaves himself while wearing an expression akin to that of a man finally releasing an enormous fart at the end of a first date.

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▼ From ever-so-slightly-fuzzy to smooth in seconds!

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And then it’s all over. Both the shaver and his companions look thrilled with his smooth face and, presumably, they then begin their descent while vomiting into paper bags and wishing they hadn’t eaten before taking the trip.

Here’s the video in full.

And if that one featured far too much man for your liking, here’s a shorter version that focuses on just the girls and the product.

Schick is also currently running a prize draw, offering 1,000 people the chance to win shaving goods simply by taking part in a short survey. So if you speak Japanese and are feeling a little bit furry, head over to the company’s official website and try your luck.

Source: YouTube Schick via IT Media