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When I stop and think about it, I’ve actually got a couple of things in common in Shinji, the protagonist of hit anime Evangelion. We both live in Kanagawa Prefecture. In our teen years, we were both entrusted by our fathers with pieces of fantastic machinery (although Shinji’s Eva Unit 01 combat robot is more technologically advanced than the Mazda I drove through my student years). And for both of us, our mental images of said fathers are strongly linked with their facial hair.

But while I’ve never seen my dad entirely clean-shaven, Shinji’s old man, Gendo, occasionally gets rid of his signature Abe Lincoln beard as part of his sporadic spokesman role for razor manufacturer Schick. He’s once again answered the U.S.-based company’s call, and as part of his anime’s latest endorsement deal, the stoically mad scientist is appearing in a new animated ad and giving away some cool Evangelion goodies, including a motorized razor stand shaped like the mecha his son pilots.

Japan is pretty into electric razors, but in his new videos Gendo espouses the merits of a refreshing, liberating wet shave…using Schick’s Hydro 5 quintuple-bladed disposable razors, of course.

▼ “Here, there is perfection. A feeling of freedom from deep in the heart,” declares Gendo as he ascends to heaven accompanied by the strains of Tsubasa wo Kudasai, the same piece that played during the climax of the Evangelion 2.22 film.

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But if Gendo’s personal recommendation alone isn’t enough to convince you to pick up a Schick Hydro 5 Comb Pack, perhaps some exclusive Eva merchandise, like this Unit 01 razor stand, will sway you.

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At the base of the unit, there’s a light sensor. Place you hand in front of it, and Unit 01, now merged with your consciousness, will recognize your desire to shave and extend the razor up to make it easier for you to retrieve.

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This is only one of two Eva Unit 01 razor holders Schick is offering. The second lacks the handy pop-up action of the above version, but it’s more three-dimensional design gives it extra visual impact, and the suction cup on its backing allows you to stick it to the tile of your shower or your bathroom mirror.

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▼ Schick! If it’s good enough for Gendo, it’s good enough for RocketNews24’s Mr. Sato!

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Finally, during the promotion, Hydro 5 shafts and replacement razors are also being packaged with Petit Eva balancing figures, which you can perch on the edge of your desk, coffee cup, or computer.

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The lineup consists of four different characters, with cute SD versions of Gendo as well as Eva pilots Rei, Asuka, and Mari. Shinji is unaccounted for, but considering how ambivalent Gendo generally is about whether his own offspring lives or dies, that’s really not much of a surprise.

Like the razor holders, though, these figures are only available for a limited time, so if you’re a true Eva fan who wants to collect the whole set, either consider stocking up on a few months’ worth of replacement blades right now, or start burning through them by shaving your body as smooth as an Olympic swimmer’s.

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