Pikachu plane retires3

If you haven’t been lucky enough to be inside a Pokemon jumbo jet, just imagine yourself immersed in a world of Pokemon while flying in the sky. The interior, flight attendant uniforms, food containers, souvenirs and in-flight entertainment all feature everyone’s favorite pocket monsters. But sadly, ANA, Japan’s largest airline, has just retired one of its Pikachu jumbo jets. As sad of an occasion as this is, ANA made sure to send the craft on its final voyage with a special presentation and an appearance from the Pokemon franchise’s most popular character.

The latest Pokemon jet to retire, a Boeing 747-400D, took its first flight on May 24, 2004. Much to the delight of children all over Japan, both sides of the plane show the smiling faces of 17 different Pokemon characters.

Pokemon Jet

▼ The jet’s engine even has Pokeballs painted on them!Pikachu plane retires8

The last flight of the Pokemon jet departing from Haneda Airport took place at 9:02am on September 30. The plane was bound for Naha City, Okinawa with 14 crew members and 556 passengers on board. The return flight would be the aircraft’s final commercial voyage.

▼ Pikachu came for the occasion, thanking the passengers of the final flight departing from Haneda.
“Thank you Pikachu Jumbo last flight.”Pikachu plane retires4

Pikachu plane retires7

▼ Getting ready for departure.Pikachu plane retires5

Pikachu and the ANA flight crew sadly watched as the Boeing 747-400D taxied to the runway at Haneda Airport for the last time. Good bye, Pikachu jet. We’ll miss you!

Pikachu plane retires

Source: Hachima Kikou
Images: Twitter (bear_capybara, tmtpgt, soarerat, monmon923), Wikipedia